Antwerp Trip March 2023 - Day One, Part One

Weary from 32 hours of travel yet with a glint in our eye, we first stepped into the Antwerp Diamond District last Monday. 

As a first glimpse into The Diamond Capital of the World, this experience did not disappoint!

We were warmly greeted by long-time colleagues of our buying group, Nationwide Jewellery Group, who helped us embark on our journey to shop for the diamonds on our shopping list.

No ask was too big or too small as together we scoured the countless packages of shining stones, each one begging to be taken home!

Alas, as you can see, the choices were endless and the jet lag was kicking in - we had to stay focused and energised. We focused on the specific stones our customers wanted and stayed energised with coffee!

The first stone Gary said 'yes' to was a gorgeous 1.00ct princess cut diamond for a client who is 'upgrading' one of their diamond rings. They'll be adding the larger 1.00ct as a centre stone, and using the smaller, existing stones as shoulder stones.

Erin was busy looking for a pair of trapezoid cut diamonds to flank a client's own centre diamond. It was so interesting to see what a difference the proportions of a stone can make. While the same shape, the narrow cut trapezoids appeared very different to the wider versions!

While having a look through the fancy cut packages, Erin came across something quite unusual - a diamond-shaped diamond! She couldn't leave this stone behind so it will be coming into store and will eventually be used to create a piece of jewellery just as unique as the stone to go into our showcase. We're taking expressions of interest in this diamond so contact us if you'd like more information!

Stay posted for Day One, Part Two of our Antwerp March 2023 trip.