Antwerp Diamond Broker

We are proud to be your local certified Antwerp Diamond Broker.

Did you know that over 80% of the world’s diamonds are cut and
traded in Antwerp, Belgium, before being distributed throughout the world?

As the exclusive ‘Member of the Year 2022’ of the Nationwide Jewellers Buying Group for independent jewellers, we can deal personally with Antwerp’s leading diamond traders. This makes it possible for us to buy diamonds of the highest quality, direct from Antwerp, saving on the hefty importer and distributor costs you’d normally associate with buying diamonds on shore. We can then pass these significant savings onto you, our valued clients.

During our regular trips to the Diamond Capital of the World, We will act as your personal broker, to source the diamond you have always dreamed of. Whatever your heart desires in terms of size, shape, colour, clarity and price – it is our mission to locate your perfect stone to your exact specifications with truly substantial savings.

So, if you would like to own a spectacular diamond and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime savings, now is the time to let us help you find your dream stone.

Visit or call us on (07) 3888 0995 or click the button below to get more
information on this extraordinary opportunity.