Antwerp Trip March 2023 - Day One, Part Two

At the second office we visited on day one in Antwerp, we got to see another merchant's inventory of diamonds.

Each of the many diamond merchants in the Diamond District are all within walking distance, most of them even on the same street. This made it very easy to maximise our time with each business, but also made for a very full first day!

At this office we found pretty pink Argyle diamonds, a 1.5ct round brilliant cut which we will be putting into stock, and continued our search for the trapezoid cut pair.

The problem is choice when it comes to selecting diamonds in Antwerp! Some of the parcels we sifted through had over 100 stones!

Once we were done it was time to head to dinner with the group, where we were treated to a delicious rooftop dinner overlooking the spectacular Antwerp Central Station which was lit up beautifully at night.

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