Gold price is on the rise!

It is believed it was the Ancient Egyptians who where the first to manufacture gold chain as we know it today. 

It is how the wire is twisted into shape that denotes its style.  The most common styles being curb, belcher and figaro.

Once mined, gold is alloyed with other metals such as copper and silver and sold by the gram weight.

Gold is considered an asset and will always hold it’s value, increasing in times of economic uncertainty.

At Jade Jewellers we can recycle your gold which is fatigued (yes chains do become brittle after many years of wearing) or perhaps you have lost one of a pair of earrings (always happens to your favourite pair!). We can transform these old pieces into wearable modern investment jewellery like bangles for example.

Did you know we can also offset the cost of repairs by trading this type of old gold?  We then send this off to refiners who extract the pure gold, return this to us and we again alloy the gold instore.  We are proud to be environmentally responsible by undertaking these methods.